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The Beginning of Everything

17th April 2018

So after a long (longer than I expected) break from my blog - I am back, with a brand new site to go with it. The past 6 months have been intense, the final months of my honours year at university really put me through my paces and really everything else became secondary BUT that is me done, finished forever and ever. Cant quite believe that after years and years of hard work, social Siberia and sacrifices I have an honours degree - still pinch myself to be honest. 

This being said, with this chapter (finally) coming to an end, it has made me think ''What comes next?'' - It is a big chapter to be closing, the vast majority of my 20's were spent writing essays, sitting exams and studying. It made think, is everyone as apprehensive as me about what the future is going to look like?! - will all those years of hard work, pay off?!.

This really is the beginning of everything....

The future is already looking a lot brighter, I have succeeded in achieving a goal that probably 18 months ago, I never thought I would reach. I am moving into my own house in the summer. I will be celebrating my 30th in Marbella with the best people in the world and a family holiday in Turkey also coming up - you know what, as apprehensive as I may be, I believe there are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind (thank you C.S Lewis for that epic piece of advice). 

It did get me thinking though, why do we as people tend to want to turn back when we are faced with the unknown - is it the comfort of the status quo that pulls us back to old familiar ground, even when we know we want more, we need more and we deserve more.  Why do we sell ourselves short? Why are we so happy to settle for mediocrity? - I refuse to have worked as hard as I have, not to at least try and live the life I want for me, on my own terms. 

'' I would rather choke on greatness, than nibble on mediocrity'' 

 The steps I take next, I believe will define the rest of my life - the person I choose to be and the life I choose to live will shape everything.  I hope to be courageous in my choices and remain true to who and what are important to me.  That is not always an easy thing to do, but all we can do is try. 

I know I am not the only one stepping from the known to the unknown, but if you are taking that chance, all I can say is run straight at the chance for change. We are not on this planet very long (regardless of what anyone says, time is up in a heartbeat) we owe it to ourselves and to everyone who did not get the chance to chase their dreams, to live the best life we can,  regardless of heartbreak or sadness. One roll at the dice my friends, roll it on your terms and I truly hope you get sixes. 

Until next time,
Lettie xo 


  1. Well what an exciting junction you are at! The word is your oyster. Hats off to you for getting your degree, its a hard slog! Good luck!


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