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Coeliac and Me

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well this Sunday morning and ready for whatever the coming week brings. For my next blog I thought I would talk more on a personal level; Coeliac and me, this is about my journey adapting to this new way of life.  For anyone who also has Coeliac disease, Gluten intolerance or may be suspicious that they have it, keep reading :) More than an 'Allergy' This really bugs me, a lot of people assume that Coeliac Disease, is nothing more than an allergy to gluten, I can assure you my friends, it is much much MUCH more than that. Coeliac Disease is in fact an autoimmune condition, this is the part of your body that protects and fights infection.  The 'fun' part is where your body mistakenly attacks healthy tissues in your body; your body thinks gluten (ingredients found in it) is a threat to your body and essentially the alert systems go into overdrive. Coeliac Disease comes with a lot of symptoms that a lot of people just brus
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Do not go gentle into that good night.....

10th September 2018 Do not go gentle into that good night ....... Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. That is the way it should be right? - living until we are old and grey, after a full, fun (sometimes heartbreaking) epic and vibrant life. The sad fact is, for so many that is not the case and the even sadder part, for so many it is preventable. Today marks the day of World Suicide Prevention, a day that raises awareness and strives for every single person to remain committed to such a worth while cause.  I am all for raising awareness, but in all honesty in my view is it deeper routed than that; it seems to me that in society the idea of someone taking their own life is something to be ashamed of, that it is immoral, a stain on humanity or a indicator of someones weakness and selfishness. It is no wonder that this appears to be embedded in societies DNA, when up until 1961 suicide was illegal in the UK (and still remains

Even the children get older, and I am getting older, too.

4th June 2018 This one, is a strange one for me to write about. I am just a few days away from turning 30 years old. Growing up, I always thought 30 was so old and by the time I had reached 30, I would have my life completely worked out, I would be exactly were I wanted  to be in life - that just isn't how things have worked out. 30 years, 360 months or 15768000 minutes of life. Its funny how in the time that has passed, it really feels like no time has passed at all, its a cliche but its gone in the blink of an eye, all that time. I always had an irrational fear of leaving my 20's behind - but why? My 20's taught me some tough lessons that the people you love most in the world will let you down and you will let down the people you love the most, it taught me humility, heartbreak, profound sadness and for the vast majority of 'the best years of my life' I felt entirely uncomfortable in my own skin, like I was just out of step. So why did I have this paralysi

The Beginning of Everything

17th April 2018 So after a long (longer than I expected) break from my blog - I am back, with a brand new site to go with it. The past 6 months have been intense, the final months of my honours year at university really put me through my paces and really everything else became secondary BUT that is me done, finished forever and ever. Cant quite believe that after years and years of hard work, social Siberia and sacrifices I have an honours degree - still pinch myself to be honest.  This being said, with this chapter (finally) coming to an end, it has made me think ''What comes next?'' - It is a big chapter to be closing, the vast majority of my 20's were spent writing essays, sitting exams and studying. It made think, is everyone as apprehensive as me about what the future is going to look like?! - will all those years of hard work, pay off?!. This really is the beginning of everything.... The future is already looking a lot brighter, I have succeede