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Even the children get older, and I am getting older, too.

4th June 2018 This one, is a strange one for me to write about. I am just a few days away from turning 30 years old. Growing up, I always thought 30 was so old and by the time I had reached 30, I would have my life completely worked out, I would be exactly were I wanted  to be in life - that just isn't how things have worked out. 30 years, 360 months or 15768000 minutes of life. Its funny how in the time that has passed, it really feels like no time has passed at all, its a cliche but its gone in the blink of an eye, all that time. I always had an irrational fear of leaving my 20's behind - but why? My 20's taught me some tough lessons that the people you love most in the world will let you down and you will let down the people you love the most, it taught me humility, heartbreak, profound sadness and for the vast majority of 'the best years of my life' I felt entirely uncomfortable in my own skin, like I was just out of step. So why did I have this paralysi